Patty Melts

Recipe Overview: Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 30 min. smoke @ 150 25 min. @ 350 Ingredients: • 1 ½ lbs. ground beef 80/20 • 3 tsps. Green Mountain Grills Beef Seasoning Blend • 1 tsp. fresh black pepper, coarse grind • 8 slices sourdough bread, thick slices • 8 slices Swiss cheese • 1 tsp. butter, melted • 1 small sweet onion, sliced • Mayonnaise • Thousand Island salad dressing You laugh, but kids love these, and so do a lot of adults. I grew up on these! Heck, a world-famous restaurant in New York City – the Hideaway – has pigs in a blanket on the menu for eight bucks, and it can’t be a lot of them if french fries cost $7! Here, for eight bucks you can have a couple of dozen! So get your favorite pre-made crescent rolls (croissants) in the cardboard tube that explodes when you open it and scares your dog halfway across the room. Sprinkle one side of the dough with Green Mountain Pork Rub or Beef Rub. Use quality hot dogs (oxymoron?) and wrap them up inside the seasoned triangles. Lets Get Started 1. Gently mix the ground beef and seasonings in a medium bowl and form into four patties. Set on an ungreased cookie sheet. By now you have already turned your grill on to 375 and got it up to temperature. Neighborhood kids are pestering you to hurry. Friends and neighbors you haven’t seen in years stop by to watch you deftly cook these and to taste this delicacy when you finish. 2. Sauté the onions in melted butter. (Yes, you can do this on the grill if you wish.) Lay out your pre-made crescent rolls (croissants) and sprinkle one side of the dough with Green Mountain Pork Rub or Beef Rub. 3. Smoke the burgers at 150 for 30 minutes. Finish at 350 for about 5-6 minutes per side. Grill for about 20-25 minutes or so to get the rolls golden brown like a Kansas wheat field. As my buddy Robert says, “Use lots of ketchup (or mustard if you prefer) and just wait for the extra fat to appear on your belly.” 129 Recipes 130 Seriously, though, these really taste good, and they are almost always what you’re hungry for when you don’t know what you’re hungry for. 4. Spread mayonnaise lightly on both sides of the sourdough bread and place on the grill. Put Swiss cheese four of the pieces of bread and place the burgers on them. Top the burgers with onions and Swiss cheese. Grill until the cheese melts and top them with the other grilled slices of bread. Serve with Thousand Island salad dressing. 5. Serve in a bowl or make a sourdough bowl out of a round loaf of sourdough bread. Top with chopped onions, cheddar cheese, and sour cream. In meat heavy with fat, pour off any excess grease after the first half-hour of cooking. About cooking tough meats: Tenderness in raw meats depends not only on the comparative youth of the animal but also on the strain of cattle to which it belongs and the way it was fed. Toughness is due to the presence of connective tissues and lack of fat in the muscle. The best way to convert stringy, tough meat to a tender, less-chewy state is by very long and very slow covered cooking in the presence of moisture (ex: pressure cooking). Any meat can be made more palatable by seasonings and by added fats and dressings. Pounding and scoring are a help in cuts that are normally treated by dry heat methods, like pan-frying and searing. Another favorite technique is marinating, although it sometimes involves nutritive losses that can be recaptured if the marinade itself is subsequently used in making up the dish.

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